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Individuals discover earn and learn opportunities.

CyberKnights increases your chances of being seen by employers, and is 100% free for individuals to use.

Employers assess, develop, and retain qualified talent.

Enhance your cybersecurity skills matching process. Drill down through the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, search individuals based on skills, identify skills gaps, and register current employees, whose talent you want to upskill, or reskill.

Do you struggle to find the right skill sets for a specific cybersecurity job role? See our key reasons why a Cybersecurity Workforce Development portal, like CyberKnights, is a must-have tool for employers.

Unqualified Applicants

With the expected growth in cybersecurity jobs by 350%, fewer than 1 in 4 applicants are even qualified. (MIT Technology Review) Cloud-based cybersecurity assessment, development, and retention programs are gaining national attention, as they promote positive impact on the rate of qualified hires and employee cybersecurity maturity.

Lack of Staff & Oversight

In 2019, ISACA surveyed 2,051 information security professionals, and found that “enterprises that are able to fill open positions suffer fewer attacks. As timeframes to hire staff decreases, so too do numbers of attacks correspondingly decrease.” By adopting a cloud-based Cyber Workforce Development tool, enterprises can experience the ease of a pipeline that can quickly deliver diverse talent and experienced professionals, to their virtual doorstep.

Security Functions in IT Operations

In the 2019 survey, ISACA also found “66 percent of respondents indicate that the IT operations team is involved in incident response and 63 percent indicate that IT operations maintain, update or implement security tools and systems.” Whatever the circumstances for consolidation of operations, some cloud-based Workforce Development portals foster learning from beginner, to expert levels, and help promote cybersecurity education, despite it being a specialty facet of IT.

Expert Cyber Staff

“The most confident organizations are those in which the cybersecurity function reports to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).” (ISACA, State of Cybersecurity 2020) CISOs oversee strategic, operational, and budgetary aspects of data management and protection. 58% of CISO’s believe the cybersecurity skills gap will worsen, without an expert cyber staff. ( Facilitating online certifications and mobilizing career path strategies are key features to upskilling and advancing security professionals, and can all be done using a Cybersecurity Workforce talent and development portal.

Framework Adoption

Frameworks are the foundation of many Cyber Workforce development tools. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology NICE Framework is the number one framework used to manage enterprise security functions. It provides a common language to speak about cyber roles and jobs, and can be referenced by those who wish to define professional requirements in cybersecurity. In 2015, Gartner cited that 30% of US organizations adopted the NICE Framework, predicting that number to rise to 50% by 2020.

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Built on the foundation of the NICE Framework.

Built on the US National Institute of Standards and Technology NICE Framework, CyberKnights provides a fluid database of KSAs outlined and categorized by NICE. Individuals in the portal can see how many KSAs they currently have, obtain more by taking the soft and hard skills assessments, and as they progress in their cybersecurity career. Employers can search candidates, and hire based on KSA alignment and skills matching to a specific job role. Likewise, academia and training providers can align their curriculum to the NICE Framework, to work seamlessly with the CyberKnights portal.

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Training Providers

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Align your cybersecurity training program to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Increase your opportunity to be selected by employers, as their preferred training provider for employee talent development.


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Align your school’s cybersecurity curriculum to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Increase your opportunity to be selected by employers, as their preferred educational institute for employee talent development.

Individual Benefits

• Access to free cybersecurity soft skill assessment
• Market profile to potential employers
• Receive up to six industry recognized certifications
• Upskill preexisting qualifications and training
• Earn and learn opportunities

Employer Benefits

• Track individuals across companies
• Program flexibility to meet your company’s needs
• Access to a diverse talent pool
• Direct access to veterans and active military
• Register and upskill internal employees

National Statistics for U.S. Cybersecurity Workforce

504, 316
Cybersecurity Job Openings

997, 058
Employed Cybersecurity Jobs

Cybersecurity Impact

The current cyber crime epidemic affects everyone from the federal government and organizations to individual consumers, and entities both private and public. By joining efforts to scale the cybersecurity workforce through CyberKnights, you help to create a safer future for everyone.

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