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If you are looking at a rapidly growing career field, take a look at cybersecurity. US companies and the federal government are working to increase the workforce in this very critical industry. CyberKnights encourages prospective entrants into this industry with its unique Apprenticeship Portal, where companies will place qualified candidates (new hires and/or current employees) in a salaried cybersecurity job and pay for their tuition to pursue an Associates/Bachelor’s degree related to cybersecurity.


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CyberKnights improves the recruiting process for employers, by assessing skills (aligned to the NICE CWF) that the candidate possesses and matching them to apprenticeship positions posted by employers.


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Employers can drill down through the NICE CWF, search candidates based on skills required by specific work roles, and even register current employees, whose talents and skills they want to build upon as an apprentice.


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Any 2-year, or 4-year college/university can join CyberKnights, by aligning their curriculum to the NICE CWF. Increase your opportunity to be selected by employers as the educational institute of choice for their apprentices.

Apprentice Benefits

• Access to free aptitude prescreening
• Market profile to potential employers
• Receive up to six industry recognized certifications
• Upskill preexisting qualifications and training
• Paid apprenticeship, and employer pays school tuition

Employer Benefits

• Track apprentices across companies
• Program flexibility to meet your company’s needs
• Access to a diverse talent pool
• Direct access to veterans and active military
• Register and upskill internal employees

National Statistics for U.S. Cybersecurity Workforce

504, 316
Cybersecurity Job Openings

997, 058
Employed Cybersecurity Jobs

Apprenticeships Across Industries

The current cyber crime epidemic affects everyone from the federal government and organizations to individual consumers, and entities both private and public. By joining efforts to scale the cybersecurity workforce through apprenticeships, you help to create a better future for everyone.


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