Aligned to the NIST-NICE Framework

Individuals Boost Your Cybersecurity Career

Assess your soft and hard skills, find opportunities in the cybersecurity workforce, and develop your already existing cyber talent.


Aligned to the NIST-NICE Framework

Employers Match to Security Talent

Identify your skills gap, create skills postings, and match to candidates.


Aligned to the NIST-NICE Framework

Education and Training for Skills Development

Align your curriculum to the NICE Framework, promote certifications, and prepare the future cybersecurity workforce.

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Built for Individuals, Employers, and Educators

CyberKnights is a talent assessment, development, and retention portal that provides roles-based tools and resources,
for sustainable cybersecurity workforce development. Students, working professionals, employers, hiring managers,
professors, academic administrators, and training providers can all utilize the portal to reach objectives.


Manage skills and career goals.

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Soft and Hard Skills Assessments

Take an Aptitude Assessment, or Cyber Range Hard Skills Assessments. Watch your skills portfolio populate, from results.

Journey Mapping Icon

Career Journey Mapping Integration

Map your career, beginning-to-end, and discover what educational, or training paths you can take to reach your career end-goal.

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Certification Guidance and Providers

Display your achievements in your profile, for employers to see. Find out which certifications you still need, based on your current knowledge and skills, as well as your career path.

Student Message Center

Connect with your institution admin, or instructor. Upload attachments to your messages, and receive notifications from your dashboard.


Develop and retain new talent.

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Skills Gap Assessments

Compare current employees’ knowledge and skills (K&Ss), against the total K&Ss described in the NICE Framework. Take action through upskilling and reskilling, to close gaps.

People Skills Icon

Skills Matching to Find Talent

Create and edit Skills Postings (aka job opportunities), aligned to the NICE Framework K&Ss. View candidate profiles in the talent pool, and contact individuals who express interest.

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K&S Mapping to Certifications

View K&Ss that candidates, or employees, are awarded upon passing a specific certification exam. Contact training provider partners.

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Participant Information

Browse all employee K&Ss, save candidates to a short list, and view numerous demographics within your company.

Explore Curriculum and Certification Pathways

Academic institutions and training providers are aligning their curriculum and courses to the NICE Framework.
Connect with your preferred training, or educational program, and track knowledge and skills gained through
passed courses and certifications.

Stats for Individuals

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