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Align your curriculum to the NICE Framework, promote certifications, and prepare the future cybersecurity workforce.
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Individuals showcase cybersecurity talent.

Calling all cybersecurity professionals and aspiring students! Create an online profile that showcases your KSAs, soft skills, and career journey to onlooking employers and recruiters. CyberKnights is 100% free for individuals to use throughout the course of a lifelong cybersecurity career.

  • Complete soft and hard skills assessments
  • Acquire KSAs aligned to the NICE Framework
  • Visualize your goals/progress using a Career Journey Map
  • Match to opportunities through automatic skills alignment

Stats for Individuals

US Cybersecurity Job Openings(CyberSeek)
Employed Cybersecurity Workforce(CyberSeek)
Secure Software Assessor Average Salary(ZipRecruiter)

Employers assess, develop, and retain talent.

Do you struggle to find the right skill sets for a specific cybersecurity job role? Build and enhance cybersecurity skills in your organization. CyberKnights is a comprehensive cybersecurity workforce development tool and skills-centric database, engineered on the taxonomy of the NICE Framework.

  • Identify your skills gaps
  • Match to security talent
  • Assess the risks in your organization
  • Find training resources for upskilling, or reskilling employees

Employer Stats

Attacks Launched by Hackers Daily(Fortinet)
Average Data Breach Costs for Enterprises(CSO Online)
Average Cost of Lost Business(IBM)

Training Providers

Training icon that displays a gear with a shield in the middle, and a check mark in the center of the shield.

Align your cybersecurity training program to the NICE Framework. Increase your opportunity to be selected by employers, as their preferred training provider for employee talent development.


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Align your school’s cybersecurity curriculum to the NICE Framework. Increase your opportunity to be selected by employers, as their preferred educational institute for employee talent development.

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Leverage the NICE Framework.

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Engineered on the taxonomy of the NICE Framework, CyberKnights provides a fluid database of KSAs. Individuals in the portal can see how many KSAs they currently have, obtain more by taking the soft and hard skills assessments, and as they progress in their cybersecurity career. Employers can search candidates, and hire based on KSA alignment and skills matching to a specific job role. Likewise, academia and training providers can align their curriculum to the NICE Framework, to work seamlessly with CyberKnights portal.

Cybersecurity Impact

The current cyber crime epidemic affects everyone from the federal government and organizations to individual consumers, and entities both private and public. By joining efforts to scale the cybersecurity workforce through CyberKnights, you help to create a safer future for everyone.

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