Cybersecurity Curriculum for Education and Training Providers

Cybersecurity curriculum and educationIncrease student attendance by leveraging the power of CyberKnights.  CyberKnights can help you map your curriculum to the NICE Framework and help you become a Cybersecurity Center for Academic Excellence.  Placing your courses within CyberKnights will help you to match to employer and individual needs.  Work closely with employers to understand their needs and how you can support them.  Understand your student populations KSATs and how your courses support them.  Have your program mapped in the career journeys map as pathway for students to see and select.

Key Benefits:

  1. Increase student attendance by auto-matching to individual and employer needs
  2. Learn about employer needs and increase employer relationships
  3. Realize student KSATs and how current curriculum supports and foster learning
  4. Have your program mapped in our career journeys system to extend your reach to potential students
  5. Have your curriculum automatically matched to the NICE Framework