Cybersecurity Curriculum Support

Cybersecurity curriculum and education

CyberKnights is an online portal that is at the intersection of  talent, employers, and educational providers in the cybersecurity industry. Using our online portal, education and training providers are able to effectively and easily provide cybersecurity curriculum to those who need it. Because our portal is connected to a large group of individuals and employers in need of cybersecurity curriculum and education, educational providers have access to a large number of potential students for their cybersecurity programs. Register with CyberKnights today to connect with industry and increase student enrollment! 

Key Benefits:

  1. Reach more students and employees in need of cybersecurity educational services. 
  2. Create relationships with employers in need of cybersecurity curriculum for their employees.
  3. Create cybersecurity curriculum centered around KSAT and the NICE framework
  4. Have your cybersecurity educational program mapped in our career journeys for individuals to include your offerings in their career planning.
  5. Connect with students and see how they are progressing in their education and career.
  6. Increase the student job placement.
  7. Leverage the metrics in CyberKnights to plan future course offerings to meet demand.

Many cybersecurity educational providers offer excellent cybersecurity courses, but don’t know how to specifically tailor these courses to the practical needs of employers and employees. CyberKnights works as a link between cybersecurity educational providers, employers, and their employees to provide up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities.. Using the CyberKnights platform, educational providers can map their cybersecurity curriculum according to the NICE framework.  When employers have employees who need further education in specific areas, employers are able to easily search and find the cybersecurity curriculum their employees need utilizing the NICE Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSATs). By effectively organizing and publishing the cybersecurity curriculum to the CyberKnights portal, cybersecurity educators not only increase the span of their educational services, but also their effectiveness. 

Educational providers that subscribe to CyberKnights have the ability to connect with students through the system and to learn about the different student capabilities.  This information provides educators the understanding of how students are progressing through their education and if the existing course offerings foster an increased learning environment.  

Schedule a demo with CyberKnights to learn more about how our online cybersecurity portal can benefit your educational provider’s needs.