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Cybersecurity Recruiting for Employers

cybersecurity recruitingEmployers can increase retention by incorporating CyberKnights to the fullest extent within their organization to help manage employees. Employers can maximize the power of CyberKnights by managing internal talent upskill and reskilling opportunities based on organizational KSAT gap analysis, leverage CyberKnights to forecast education needs over time, match to educational providers, and see progress overtime. Employers can also leverage Skills Postings to automatically match up with talent meeting your needs or just view the talent pool to see available cybersecurity talent. 

Key Benefits:

  1. Assess existing talent and understand knowledge gaps within an organization
  2. Develop a training or educational plan to close the knowledge gap
  3. Match to educational providers that meet your needs
  4. Create and/or update custom career journey maps for employees to plan progression and associated timelines
  5. Leverage Skills Postings to automatically match to talent that meets your needs
CyberKnights Employer Dashbaord Example
CyberKnights Journeys Maps