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Find out what cybersecurity skills gaps exist in your company, and secure your organization’s future. Match to new cybersecurity talent, throughout the U.S., or register current employees.

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Cybersecurity Skills Matching for Employers

cybersecurity skills matching

Cyberknights is a talent assessment, development, and retention portal that is at the intersection of academia, industry, and talent. Our online portal offers cybersecurity skills matching features for employers to find, manage, and retain cybersecurity employees for their business or organization. The cybersecurity landscape continues to change and evolve on a daily basis which drives business needs to hire and retain cybersecurity professionals to defend the network. Identifying and locating talent is easy and effective using the CyberKnights portal!

Cybersecurity Skills Matching Benefits through CyberKnights

  1. Access to an extensive talent pool of highly qualified cybersecurity experts. 
  2. Develop educational training programs for employees to improve cybersecurity knowledge using the KSAT criteria.
  3. Match to cybersecurity educational providers, to facilitate the educational opportunities that your employees need.
  4. Improve retention rates of cybersecurity employees by creating custom career journey maps to plan progression and associated timelines.
  5. Understand organizational talent gaps and forecast resourcing requirements. 

Not only can employers access and assess existing cybersecurity talent, but employers can work with employees to create career journey maps to plan a timeline of progression in their careers. Using a cybersecurity skills matching feature, within Cyberknights, allows employers to leverage skills postings and automatically match to individuals who meet their needs. Employers can also improve retention rates by effectively managing employee up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities and other business or individual needs through the CyberKnights platform. By using the skills gap feature on the CyberKnights platform, employers are able to identify team Knowledge, Skill, and Ability gaps which helps the employer to forecast resource needs for different educational opportunities. CyberKnights also helps to recommend educational opportunities that fit business needs.

Increase your employee retention by implementing the power of CyberKnights cybersecurity skills matching within your organization. Register with CyberKnights today!

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