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CyberKnights is an online skills inventory, development, and talent search portal that enables employers to identify skills gaps, upskill employees, or immediately view external talent that can fill the gaps.

Cybersecurity Skills Matching

Employers in all industries understand now more than ever the importance of having a strong cybersecurity team to protect their business. As cyber-attacks become more common and more complex, a team of cybersecurity professionals is necessary to continuously ensure that your business is protected against any potential threats. These cybersecurity employees must have knowledge of the current cybersecurity landscape, as well as the willingness to continue learning and enhancing their expertise as the cybersecurity industry becomes more complex.

To identify your levels of cybersecurity skills, and ensure that your cybersecurity team has all of the necessary skills to cover your risk exposure, register with CyberKnights today!

Cybersecurity Skills Inventory Benefits through CyberKnights:

  • Visual navigation for ease of understanding the content of the NICE Framework.
  • Ease of browsing individual Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tasks using keyword search.
  • Access to employee list and view of all of your employees’ KSAs, as well as a variety of demographics within your company.
  • Discover what KSAs your employees can earn when they take the Cyber Range Hard Skills Assessments.
  • View specific KSAs that can be gained from earning a multitude of IT Certifications, browse vendors, and enroll employees in classes.
  • Post job opportunities and browse the talent pool for candidates whose experience and KSAs align, to reduce your overall skills gaps.
  • Establish what KSAs you'd like your employees to have, and see which ones they don’t using the Skills Gap feature.
  • View certifications, academic classes, or Cyber Range assessments that your employees can take to gain specific KSAs.
  • Browse the Cyber curriculum of select US Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE).
  • Interactive US map for ease of viewing candidates by location.
  • Dashboard with charts to give a visual breakdown of your company’s skills gaps, as well as a breakdown of your employees’ KSAs.
  • Optional Operations Risk Assessments for CSF, 800-171, CMMC, and HIPPA to identify talent to mitigate risks identified.

Mountain Icon in dark blue with a flag at the topNot only can employers access and assess existing cybersecurity talent, but employers can work with employees to create career journey maps to plan a timeline of progression in their careers. Using a cybersecurity skill matching feature, within Cyberknights, allows employers to leverage skills postings and automatically match to individuals who meet their needs. Employers can also improve retention rates by effectively managing employee up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities and other business or individual needs through the CyberKnights portal. By using the skills gap feature on the CyberKnights portal, employers can identify team Knowledge, Skill, and Ability gaps which helps the employer to forecast resource needs for different educational opportunities. CyberKnights also helps to recommend educational opportunities that fit business needs.

Increase your employee retention by implementing the power of CyberKnights cybersecurity skills matching within your organization. Register with CyberKnights today!

The Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

Addressing the Shortage

There remains a critical gap of cybersecurity professionals within the workforce. As the need for cybersecurity talent increases, the number of cybersecurity job openings continues to surpass the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals. According to the international cybersecurity organization, this cybersecurity skills gap is almost 500,000 and continues to rise.

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Closing the Gap

This large gap can be accredited to many different causes. One might be that the need for cybersecurity is simply increasing at a rate that is much higher than the speed at which individuals can be trained to enter into the workforce. Cybersecurity is a relatively new profession, and the popularity of studying cybersecurity at universities and colleges around the nation is still low. Another reason for the large gap could be the general stigma around the term “cybersecurity”. To those unfamiliar with the field of cybersecurity, the term may be synonymous with “hackers” or “the dark web”. Because of this, some individuals are hesitant to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

What Employers Can Do

How employers manage cybersecurity recruiting could be another reason for a large number of cybersecurity job openings left unfilled. Many employers recruit candidates within very specific criteria. While reading resumes or searching for candidates online, some employers consider only those candidates with certain degrees or qualifications in cybersecurity. Although having a formal education in cybersecurity will help qualify a candidate for the job position, it is not always necessary. Many individuals have received informal training in cybersecurity, through experience in other related industries, and maybe left behind through this form of recruitment.

To better find qualified cybersecurity candidates and decrease the number of cybersecurity jobs left unfilled, employers must improve their strategies for recruiting. Using an online portal, such as CyberKnights, is an effective way for employers to find qualified candidates for their job openings. CyberKnights is a skills matching platform that matches employers with individuals who have the skills, experience, or education to fulfill their job opening. By joining CyberKnights, employers can more easily and effectively find qualified candidates for each of their cybersecurity job openings.

Finding, Retaining, and Training Talent

Finding Cybersecurity Talent

Many employers can relate to the difficulty of finding cybersecurity talent. With only a small pool of candidates available, it can be difficult to find the right candidates for a specific job position. So how can employers more effectively recruit cybersecurity professionals?

Before beginning the search for qualified cybersecurity professionals, consider first what qualifications the job position requires. Although certain levels of education may help to make a candidate qualified, what are the specific skills or experience they need that could be developed outside of formal education. Which skills, knowledge, or personality traits must someone have to be a successful candidate in the role?

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When you’re ready to begin finding cybersecurity talent, consider where you want to find the candidates. Internal recruitment allows employers to know the work ethic and experience of each candidate but limits the pool of talent. External recruitment allows employers to broaden their search of available candidates but can create a more lengthy recruitment process. For the most effective cybersecurity recruitment process, join an online recruitment portal, such as CyberKnights, to automatically connect with thousands of qualified job applicants. CyberKnights uses a cybersecurity skills matching process that connects employers to candidates who match their specific job qualifications. The process of matching candidates with employers is easy and fast and allows employers to expand their pool of candidates with the industries’ best talent.

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Retaining Cybersecurity Talent

After finding the best talent for a cybersecurity job position, how can employers improve their employee retention rates? Although pay is a big motivator, it’s not the only reason why employees stay within an organization for a long period of time.

Having a clearly defined career path is one reason employees remain within the same organization. When employees understand their opportunities to advance within the organization, and the qualifications it takes to get there, they are more likely to stay working within the organization to develop the necessary qualifications and be promoted. Allowing employees to grow within their career field is another important factor in retaining employees. Remaining monotonous within the same job can cause employees to look for something different, but being allowed to learn and grow within their career field drives the employee to not only improve their ability to perform the job but also remain within the organization.

The CyberKnights online portal allows employers to create career paths for their employees that clearly outline the necessary knowledge and skills needed to grow within their career. Employers can also use the CyberKnights portal to connect with cybersecurity training programs and provide employees with the necessary education and training to continue growing within the cybersecurity industry. Joining CyberKnights helps employers to improve retention rates as well as the knowledge and skills of their cybersecurity employees.

Cybersecurity Training for Employers

Information about cybersecurity changes regularly, and employers need to keep their employees updated on the latest cybersecurity information to protect their business. Re-skilling is important for cybersecurity employees to stay trained on the latest changes in the cybersecurity industry. Training in cybersecurity is not only important for cybersecurity workers but is necessary for all workers for them to understand the basic ways that they can protect their company from cyberattacks.

To find the top cybersecurity training for employees, join the CyberKnights online portal. With CyberKnights, employers can research amongst the best cybersecurity training programs to find the right programs for their employees. For cybersecurity professionals, consider a more advanced training program that allows them to learn even more about cybersecurity and how to protect your business. For employees outside of the cybersecurity department, select a more basic cybersecurity training program that can give them the tools to safely manage your business online. Find cybersecurity training programs easily when you join CyberKnights!

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Cybersecurity Recruiting & Skills Matching Portal

Cyberknights is a talent assessment, development, and retention portal that is at the intersection of academia, industry, and talent. Our online portal offers cybersecurity skills matching features for employers to find, manage, and retain cybersecurity employees for their business or organization. The cybersecurity landscape continues to change and evolve daily which drives business needs to hire and retain cybersecurity professionals to defend the network. Identifying and locating talent is easy and effective using the CyberKnights portal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can CyberKnights help me out as an employer?

CyberKnights is focused on helping employers manage their existing talent as well as attract new talent. You can have the ability to leverage assessments to understanding existing knowledge, skills, and abilities and then run a skills gap analysis to help in the development of an employee training plan.

Why does CyberKnights focus on the NIST NICE Framework?

The cybersecurity industry struggles to categorize cybersecurity roles collectively. The NICE Framework is a common lexicon and taxonomy for industry to use as a baseline to understand the different cybersecurity roles and the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are associated.

Does CyberKnights have a way to plan out an individual's career?

Yes, CyberKnights has a unique career journey capability that enables employees to create a roadmap based on where they are currently and how they can get to where they would like to be. The career journey map is flexible and able to adapt to each individual as they progress throughout their life. Employers can also interact with the employee and mentor them along the way.

Does CyberKnights offer training courses?

No, CyberKnights has partnered with industry-leading education and training providers to show you different educational and training opportunities based on your existing knowledge, skills, and abilities. Leverage CyberKnights to identify specific certification or educational opportunities that increase your profile.

How does an employer attract new talent through CyberKnights?

CyberKnights has developed a unique capability to automatically match talent to employer needs. An employer can post a job or “Skills Posting” within CyberKnights and talent will automatically be matched to the needs of the organization.

Can Human Resources use CyberKnights?

Yes, human resource workers can leverage CyberKnights to understand the existing talent KSAs and to post open job vacancies.