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CyberKnights is an online cybersecurity skills assessment, development, and jobs alignment portal that supports those who aspire to enter the cybersecurity workforce and those who are currently working in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Career Management

As the cybersecurity industry grows in relevance and importance, so does the job market for careers in cybersecurity. Companies are constantly looking for the best talent in cybersecurity to help protect their companies’ online assets and ensure that they are growing along with their competitors. Searching through endless job listings and finding the job that matches your talents can be difficult. With so many opportunities for a cybersecurity career, where do you start?

CyberKnights is an online cybersecurity career management portal that supports those who aspire to enter the cybersecurity workforce and those who are currently working in cybersecurity by connecting talent with employers in need of cybersecurity experts. Individuals have access to cybersecurity job openings, cybersecurity educational resources, and cybersecurity career path guides to help them find the right fit for their talent and expertise.

The Growth of the Cybersecurity Industry

Growing Technology Needs Growing Protection

The use of technology has grown rapidly in its importance and relevance over the past few years. People are using the internet as their main form of communication, businesses are changing their focus to online sales and transactions, and government agencies are utilizing the power of technology for public outreach. With rapid advancements in technology, cyberattacks have become the fastest growing crime in America. Many businesses and organizations now find themselves unprepared to protect themselves against possible cyberattacks and are in desperate need of innovative, cybersecurity professionals to help protect them.

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0% Unemployment Rate

According to the Cybersecurity Jobs Report, by 2021 there will be approximately 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs. The cybersecurity industry boasts a 0% unemployment rate, and is expected to continue growing over the next few years. So what is contributing to the shortage in the cybersecurity workforce?

Be On the Front Line of Cybersecurity

A lack of awareness of the growth of the cybersecurity industry is one of the reasons why the industry faces a shortage of new talent entering the workforce. Students and individuals looking for new career opportunities are unaware of the benefits of a cybersecurity career or how to begin pursuing a career in the industry. Schools and training programs that offer cybersecurity curriculum are also relatively new and still improving curriculum and training to better prepare candidates for an ever-growing ever industry.

Businesses and organizations are also still growing in their understanding of the need for cybersecurity. Too often, businesses wait to develop a cybersecurity team until they have been affected by a cyber attack. As more knowledge of the threat of cyber-attacks becomes published and widespread, organizations are becoming more proactive in developing strong cybersecurity forces to protect themselves, which in turn leads to the development of more cybersecurity jobs.

The Cybersecurity Career Pathway

The cybersecurity workforce consists of varying levels of job positions that each require their unique skills, expertise, and experience in the cybersecurity industry. For individuals to advance to higher-level positions, they must often have experience in lower level positions, or an educational or career background to qualify them for the job.

Before beginning a career in cybersecurity, it’s important to understand the structure of the workforce and each of the cybersecurity roles. Understanding this structure allows individuals to plan their career path in the cybersecurity industry and prepare for future career transitions by furthering their education or professional experience.

Cybersecurity Feeder Roles:

Feeder roles refer to job positions that prepare an individual to either advance in a specific career field or transfer into a new career with similar educational requirements. These roles in the cybersecurity industry are often roles in technology-related industries that would allow an individual to easily transfer into a more cybersecurity-focused career.

Common cybersecurity feeder roles:

Financial & Risk Analysis, Computer Software Engineer, Networking, IT Technician

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Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

Beginning a cybersecurity career often requires starting an entry-level position to gain experience and talent while networking with businesses and individuals who can help advance your career. These job positions may be well-suited for recent graduates looking to begin their career, or individuals looking to enter into the cybersecurity workforce for the first time.

Common cybersecurity entry-level job positions:

Cybercrime Analyst, Cybercrime Investigator, Cybersecurity Technician

Mid-level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

With experience and increased expertise in the cybersecurity industry, individuals may be qualified for a mid-level cybersecurity job position. These job positions are typically the gateway for higher-level management positions and can be important stepping stones in a cybersecurity career.

Common cybersecurity mid-level job positions:

Cybersecurity Consultant, Vulnerability Tester, Security Analyst

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cybersecurity advanced level roles

Advanced-level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

To be qualified for an advanced-level cybersecurity job position, individuals must meet strict job requirements and display a high level of competency in the cybersecurity industry. These job positions are often leadership positions that require the understanding of a wide range of cybersecurity jobs that come from years of experience working in the industry.

Common cybersecurity advanced-level job positions:

Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, Cybersecurity Architect

Choose the Right Cybersecurity Career for You

With so many changes happening constantly in the cybersecurity industry, and new job positions opening up every day, it can be intimidating to begin a new job search. Online job portals, such as CyberKnights, make the job searching process easier by connecting talented individuals with employers and the job positions that they’re most qualified for.

CyberKnights automatically connects talent with employers in need of cybersecurity support. Not only do we help individuals navigate the cybersecurity job market, but we also provide opportunities to grow in their competency of the cybersecurity industry. As a CyberKnight, you can browse the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSATs) from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (aka NICE) Framework to understand your current level of KSATs within cybersecurity.

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Using this information, individuals can better communicate with employers about their current level of cybersecurity expertise. In the areas in which individuals need further education, CyberKnights provides access to a variety of educational platforms where individuals can obtain some certifications and work through courses in specific cybersecurity areas. Individuals can also develop a cybersecurity career journey map on the CyberKnights platform to easily plan for the future of their cybersecurity career.

CyberKnights offers individuals more than just access to cybersecurity jobs. We offer you the ability to initiate a competitive profile that grows with you through your lifelong cybersecurity career journey. CyberKnights is free for individuals, so register today!

Key Features of the CyberKnights Skills Assessment Portal:

  • Detailed profile creation, putting your best foot forward as a candidate for employers in the portal.
  • Visual navigation for ease of understanding the content of the NICE Framework.
  • Browse individual Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tasks using keyword search.
  • Option to take the free Soft-Skills Assessment and/or Hard Skills Assessments, to test your cybersecurity skills and earn KSAs.
  • Browse opportunities posted by employers in the portal, and express your interest in the ones your KSAs align with.
  • Access to an interactive career path map, to help you establish and reach your career goals, no matter where you're at in your journey.
  • View specific KSAs that can be gained from earning a multitude of IT Certifications. Browse vendors and enroll in classes.
  • Interactive US map for ease of viewing job opportunities by location.
  • Personalized dashboard for visual breakdowns of KSAs you've earned.
  • Discover top work roles and skills postings aligned to your KSAs, visible through your dashboard.

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Register for free today, complete your profile and assessment to see what cybersecurity skills positions are aligned and waiting for you. Increase your opportunities for a career and advancement in cybersecurity when you join CyberKnights!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberKnights?

CyberKnights is a cybersecurity career management portal that supports those individuals who are aspiring to pursue or continue a career in the cybersecurity field. The CyberKnights system not only helps candidates find careers but also provides the knowledge to help develop and refine skills within the Cybersecurity workforce.

How does the employment process work?

Once a candidate registers with CyberKnights, they will be prompted to take the Aptitude Assessment and further edit their profile providing work experience, resume, etc. This will allow the candidate to begin to gain certain Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs). Once the assessment and profile are completed, employers will be able to see their profile and KSAs and how they may match their needs. Once they find a prospective candidate, they can reach out and set up further interviews.

What are some features that CyberKnights has to offer?

The key feature of CyberKnights is to match candidates with employers to get their start in the cybersecurity industry, but there is so much more! This platform also provides a career map tool that can help plan and track the progress of your cybersecurity career, and what steps you could take to achieve this goal. CyberKnights is also partnered with companies such as CompTIA, Lionfish Cyber Security, and CertNexus for an easy way to find and complete industry certifications! The CyberKnights platform offers many opportunities for someone to develop and enhance their skills in the cybersecurity field.

How can I expand my knowledge of technological careers with CyberKnights?

CyberKnights offers many opportunities for someone to learn about the roles in the cybersecurity field. One thing that CyberKnights takes pride in is the utilization of the NICE Framework within the portal. In the portal, you can sort by things such as categories, specialties, and work roles to see what KSAs are needed for a person to fill in a role they want to pursue, and CyberKnights even offers things such as hard skills assessments and certification opportunities to help achieve these KSAs.

I'm particular about what I want with my career, can CyberKnights help me achieve this?

In CyberKnights, a key feature is the CyberKnights career track map. From here, you can create a custom career map that fits exactly what you want to do! Enter your education experience (such as a degree or military experience) and then select an endpoint (desired career) and from the map will trace out a path for you to follow to get in your desired career, whether it be through education or certain certifications.

How does CyberKnights help me identify a cybersecurity education provider?

CyberKnights has a list of education and training providers which includes the courses that they offer. You can review these opportunities to determine which one is the best fit for you and/or your organization.

Can I find a job within CyberKnights?

Yes, once you establish a profile in CyberKnights you will be able to see the available jobs and necessary information that pertains to each job. Employers use the NICE Framework to post the jobs and the KSAs that are required.

What cybersecurity certifications should I take or obtain?

CyberKnights gives individuals and employers the ability to look at the certifications that an employee is most likely to pass based on existing KSAs. Register with CyberKnigths to learn these features.