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Begin Your Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity career

CyberKnights is an online cybersecurity career management portal that supports those who aspire to enter the cybersecurity workforce and those who are currently working in cybersecurity. Our online cybersecurity skills matching platform does more than help individuals find cybersecurity jobs, we help individuals to find and develop lifelong cybersecurity careers with the industry’s best companies. Register for free today, and start searching amongst the millions of cybersecurity jobs waiting to be filled. Opportunities for a career in cybersecurity are endless when you join CyberKnights. 

Key Features

  1. Automatically match to employer needs based on your cybersecurity qualifications for quick employment options. 
  2. Create a cybersecurity career journey map in order to plan the progress of your cybersecurity career.
  3. Access to hard skill and soft skills assessment and understanding of cybersecurity knowledge, skills, abilities, and tasks (KSATs) necessary for a cybersecurity career.
  4. Learn what certifications you would be most successful at completing, to help position you competitively within the cybersecurity workforce.

Why Join CyberKnights?

As the cybersecurity industry grows in relevance and importance, so does the job market for careers in cybersecurity. Companies are constantly looking for the best talent in cybersecurity to help protect their companies’ online assets and ensure that they are growing with their competitors. Searching through job listings and finding the job that matches your talents can be difficult. With so many opportunities for a cybersecurity career, where do you start? 

That’s where CyberKnights can help. CyberKnights automatically connects talent with employers in need of cybersecurity support. Not only do we help individuals navigate the cybersecurity job market, but we also provide opportunities to grow in their competency of the cybersecurity industry. As a CyberKnight, you can browse the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSATs) from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (aka NICE) Framework in order to understand your current level of KSATs within cybersecurity. Using this information, individuals can better communicate with employers about their current level of cybersecurity expertise. In the areas in which individuals need further education, CyberKnights provides access to a variety of educational platforms where individuals can obtain a number of certifications and work through courses in specific cybersecurity areas. Individuals can also develop a cybersecurity career journey map on the CyberKnights platform to easily plan for the future of their cybersecurity career. 

CyberKnights offers individuals more than just access to cybersecurity jobs. We offer the ability to initiate a competitive profile that grows with your lifelong cybersecurity career journey. CyberKnights is free for individuals, so register today!

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